Reconnecting the Castillo & the Bayfront
Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks Grant


Commission Workshop
"Discussion of Alternates 12A and Potential Project Phasing"
March 14, 2011

Commission Workshop
PowerPoint presentation (downloadable as PDF)

5th Commission Meeting
"Discussion of Alternates

February 14, 2011

Alternate 11, 12 and 12A
PowerPoint presentation (downloadable as PDF)

Development of
Alternative Designs
Executive Summary

Comparison Chart

These documents are from the January 2011 series of meetings. Previous documents from the project are available here.

4th Commission Meeting
"Four Alternates for Discussion"
January 24, 2011

4 Alternates
PowerPoint presentation (downloadable as PDF)

Traffic Analysis
(Review Draft)

Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB)
"Four Alternates"
January 20, 2011

HARB: 4 Alternates
PowerPoint presentation (downloadable as PDF)

Anastasia Boulevard Business Owners
"Four Alternates & Access to/from Anastasia Island"
January 13, 2011

Anastasia Blvd. Business Owners PowerPoint presentation (downloadable as PDF)

Parking & Traffic Committee Meeting
"Four Alternates"
January 13, 2011

Parking & Traffic Committee PowerPoint presentation (downloadable as PDF)

Planning & Zoning Board Meeting
"Four Alternates - Consistency with Comprehensive Plan"
January 4, 2011

Planning & Zoning Board (PZB) PowerPoint presentation (downloadable as PDF)


Alternate Designs &
Survey Responses

Public participation and feedback continues to be a critical component to the "Reconnecting the Castillo & the Bayfront" project. To date, the Halback Design Group Team has received valuable feedback from hundreds of participants:
427 responses to the initial project survey about general ideas
800+ website hits & 110+ surveys directly from this project website
250+ emails to and from public stakeholders & participants
120+ attendees in the public meetings from September through January
Community & Stakeholder Meetings - see full list on schedule to right

While this corridor is complex and has a number of issues to consider, there are 4 overriding "takeaways" from our public participation program and study to date:

(1) Address slow-moving traffic: The horse carriage route has a direct impact on the design and the overall traffic movement along this corridor. The City Commission has been considering the issue of the route for the past few months, and the HDG Team has developed alternatives that work for either a south or north bound route.

(2) Maintain business delivery and parking areas along A1A: The parking along the west side of Avenida Menendez is critical to maintain for drop offs, deliveries, etc., but the east side degrades north bound traffic flow and blocks views of the bayfront. However, the removal of these parking spaces must be evaluated regarding the impact on the downtown parking.

(3)Improve queuing for the Bridge of Lions & access for Anastasia Island: Access to and from Anastasia Island, especially queuing for the Bridge of Lions, is extremely important. Our community expects improvements to make it easier to get to and from the Island.

(4) Coordinate with the NPS projects in design: The National Park Service visitor center on the city (west) side of South Castillo Drive and the fort parking lot impact this corridor. A central entrance/exit is critically imporant to improving safe access to the fort and for safe travel along A1A.

Based on the feedback from the public, the City Commission, the National Park Service, City staff, and other associated public agencies on the design issues (previous work) and alternates 1-6 (previous alternates), seven alternates have been developed: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 12A.

Alternate 12A is a mixture of previously reviewed designs: Alternate 8 from West Castillo Drive to the new NPS lot intersection and Alternate 12 from the NPS lot intersection to the Bridge of Lions. The alternate addresses many of the needs and requirements from residents, visitors, the City of St. Augustine, and the National Park Service, and the Commission selected 12A at the February 14 meeting to advance into the final master plan phase.

Alternates 7-12 are provided below as fly-thru models. Alternate 12A does not have a fly-thru model, but a diagram is provided to show the split between Alternates 8 and 12. PDF drawings of the plans and sections are also provided after each video.

Please submit any questions or comments regarding Alternate 12A on the survey at the end of the page.

Jeremy Marquis, the project manager, can also be contacted through email ( or phone (904.825.6747).


Alternate 7-12 Traffic Analysis

The traffic analysis is now updated to reflect all 6 alternatives. All options maintain the current level of service (LOS) along the roadway and in the intersections, and some even result in nominal increases in roadway speed.

PDF document: Traffic Analysis (Review Draft)

This is reflective of the goal to move the same amount of vehicular traffic in a more efficient manner, while also balancing the needs of bicycles, trolley trams, horse carriages, delivery trucks, and pedestrians.


NEW Alt.12A: 3 Lanes South (1 for horses), 2/1 Lanes North

PDF drawing: Alternate 12A Plan


Alt.12: 3 Lanes South (1 dedicated for horses), 2 Lanes North

PDF drawing: Alternate 12 Plan


Alt.11: 3 Lanes South (1 dedicated for horses), 2 Lanes North, Landscaped Median

PDF drawing: Alternate 11 Plan


Alt. 10 "Baseline": 2 Lanes South, 2 Lanes North

PDF drawing: Alternate 10 Plan | PDF drawing: Alternate 10 Sections


Alt. 9: 2 Lanes South, 2 Lanes North (1 dedicated for horses)

PDF drawing: Alternate 9 Plan | PDF drawing: Alternate 9 Sections


Alt. 8: 3 Lanes South (1 dedicated for horses), 1 Lane North

PDF drawing: Alternate 8 Plan | PDF drawing: Alternate 8 Sections

Alt. 7: 3 Lanes South, 1 Lane North

PDF drawing: Alternate 7 Plan | PDF drawing: Alternate 7 Sections


SURVEY | Please send your input...

The Halback Design Group team would greatly appreciate your feedback on Alternate 12A. Your questions, comments and concerns will help guide the team and the overall design. This is our community's waterfront, and your comments are important. Please note that only one survey response is permitted from each computer.


Survey now closed. Thanks for your response!


More Opportunties for Feedback

The City of St. Augustine and the Halback Design Group team would like to highlight that continual opportunities for public feedback are available:

Jeremy Marquis, LEED AP, Project Manager, Halback Design Group, Inc.
Phone: 904.825.6747; Email:

Public Meetings
February 14 - City Commission
March 14 - Fourth Public Meeting (Commission Workshop
April 11 - City Commission

Looking for the survey? Please see above.

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Project Schedule
(Note New Dates)

Data Collection, Research, Assessment, Framework
July 26 – September 17
• Kickoff Meeting
• City Commission Meeting – August 23 - “Planning Kickoff & Project Update”
• Full Data Collection through Framework Plan
• First Public Meeting – Thursday. September 16 (evening)

Alternative Design Options
September 20 – January 24

• City Commission Meeting – October 11 - “Research Findings & Alternative Design Intro”
• Conceptual Designs
• Preferred Plans
• Second Public Meeting – Thursday, November 18 (evening)
• Third Public Meeting – Friday, November 19 (afternoon)
• PZB (January 4, 2011 @ 2pm)
• Parking & Traffic (January 13, 2011 @ 9am)
• Anastasia Boulevard business owners (January 13 @ 6:30pm, Alligator Farm education center)
• Historic Area Chamber of Commerce (January 14 @ 8:30am, Prosperity Bank community room)
• HARB (January 20, 2011 @ 2pm)
• City Commission Meeting - January 24, 2011 @ 5pm - "Four Alternative Plans & Kickoff of Final Master Plan"
• City Commission Meeting - February 14, 2011 @ 5pm - "Six Alternative Plans & Kickoff of Final Master Plan"

Final Master Plan, Preliminary Design & Engineering
January 24 – March 11

• Final Master Plan (based on preferred alternate), Modeling, Permit Requirements, etc.
• Meetings as needed.

Grant Application & Wrap Up Meetings
March 11 – March 28

• Meetings as needed.
• Commission Workshop - March 14 - Alternate 12A
• City Commission Meeting – April 11 - “Final Master Plan and Next Steps”

Note: This schedule is subject to change and is provided for informational purposes only.



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