Marquis Latimer + Halback, Inc. is equipped to help guide a project from conceptual ideas to construction documents and observation.

Marquis Latimer + Halback, Inc.'s ultimate goal is to provide unparalleled service to our clients in the creation of compelling environments to live, work and play

PRE-PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: Master Planning, Sketches, Reports & Research
ML+H's talented team members can help clients develop and refine ideas for their project. Using master planning, sketches, reports, and research, ML+H can help guide the preliminary decision making process to determine the development possibilities.

THE CONCEPT: Sketches, Rendering & 3D
Through the use of sketchesrenderings, and even 3D modeling, ML+H can help in translating a client's idea from words to a vision. Typically, team members produces three alternate designs to give clients a wide variety of choices to discuss.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Ready-to-Price Plans
Following the generation of the idea, the team produces preliminary construction documents using AutoCAD-aided drafting. These plans allow ML+H to develop cost estimates and, for smaller residential projects, are often sufficient for contractor implementation.

CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS: Construction Drawings & Specifications
For projects requiring more detail, ML+H provides full construction documentation and specification capabilities. We utilize AutoCAD and MasterSpec, the industry standards for bidding and construction sets.

Whether the project is large or small, ML+H clients can request assistance in getting competitive bidding and in negotiating construction contracts.

To ensure the best success for a project, the team can provide construction observation and administration. ML+H team members can provide site visits and inspections, lead monthly project meetings with the contractor, and verify compliance with the plans and specifications. ML+H can also perform a substantial and final completion walk thru to develop a punch list for the contractor.

MAINTENANCE GUIDELINES: Integrated Maintenance Program (IMP)
The value of a project is often based in its long term maintenance. ML+H's customized Integrated Management Program (IMP) is designed to provide project-specific guidelines for maintenance personnel with a focus on environmental and economic sustainability.