+ Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is at the core of our approach to projects.  Our team strives to seamlessly integrate the natural and built environment in a holistic, sustainable, and artful way.

+ Planning

We believe that projects can succeed or fail based on the ability to clearly articulate program goals, objectives, and vision at the beginning of a project.  Our team approaches master planning as developing a compelling ‘road map’.

+ Urban Design

Based in the downtown urban core of the Nation’s Oldest City, our team is immersed in the scale and interrelationship of a city, especially when culture and historic preservation is a guiding principle.

+ Project Management

We believe that landscape architects should lead, not follow.  Our portfolio stands as a testament to our ability to successfully manage complex, multi-disciplinary projects. 

On nearly 70% of our projects, we serve as the prime consultant, with our project managers being a direct point of contact for the client.  This clear communication is key to our clients.