Jeremy Marquis

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As principal-in-charge, Jeremy Marquis has led the firm in the successful design of spaces ranging from private backyards to college campuses. His attention to detail and innovative solutions have resulted in award winning projects that have been recognized by the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architect, the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation and the University of Florida.  In addition to his design acumen, Jeremy has developed an excellent reputation for leadership and building consensus within the design team as well as with the public.

Jeremy is a past member of the St. Augustine Historic Architecture Review Board and a frequent guest juror at the University of Florida.


Fremont Latimer

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Originally from Chicago, Fremont moved to North Florida in 2004. He instantly fell in love with the sun, culture and landscapes of the area. Fremont brings a wealth of practical experience in the green industry. An in-depth knowledge of arboriculture, horticulture and landscape management enables Fremont to design landscapes that are as functional as they are beautiful. A love of plants keeps him at the fore-front of planting design resulting in unique and sustainable solutions that separate his work from the herd. As a student of the classics and history, Fremont brings a historic sensitivity and context to every project. Fremont has experience designing for a wide variety of projects; commercial office parks, CDDs & HOAs, public streetscapes, golf courses, historic cemeteries and residential.


Fred Halback



For more than forty years Fred Halback has brought a unique set of talents to the design and management industry.

Combining a master’s eye for detail, as well as an ability to anticipate and respond to critical client needs, Fred has created an impressive resume of highly visible, large, and complex projects. These projects stand as a testament not only to Fred’s creative talents, but also to his ability as a facilitator, negotiator and most importantly, as a communicator.

Fred has long realized in order to ensure a positive outcome for the finished project, the ability to manage all phases and disciplines of the project is key. Projects, large or small, can benefit from Fred’s experience and approach, assuring success at any scale.


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Laura Marquis


As a certified public accountant (CPA), Laura brings extensive accounting experience to Marquis Latimer + Halback, Inc. In addition to running business and client services for the firm, Laura bolsters the experience and skill of ML+H to manage grant programs and large interdisciplinary project teams. Laura is a member of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA).


Carter Gresham



Originally from coastal Virginia, Carter has always been passionate about landscapes that blend the varied experiences of locals and tourists, especially those spaces grounding in their historic context. Educated in Virginia and Ireland, Carter seeks to create design interventions that highlight and celebrate the existing culture of a place. Carter has worked on projects ranging from entertainment districts to historic urban assessments and park master plans, always focusing on how the user will personalize and own the space.


Dustin Felix



Dustin Felix’s professional journey as a designer began while serving in the Al-Rashid District, Baghdad, Iraq, overseeing a multi-million dollar reconstruction budget. After his active duty service, he joined USAID, where his assignments took him from Washington to Pakistan, Israel, Sudan, Bolivia, and Haiti.

Earning a Masters in Landscape Architecture, Dustin merged his experiences in operational planning, small unit leadership, and community development with his interest in art, bird watching, and gardening. His wide ranging background is an asset for complex and detailed projects alike.

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Julie Farrell



With over ten years of office experience, Julie coordinates the day to day operations of the firm. Her responsibilities encompass many aspects of our business, including billing, sales, and customer service. Her incredible organization skills keeps our team running smoothly. Julie is the friendly voice that our clients have grown so accustomed to hearing when calling in to our firm, and she takes great pleasure in making sure they are each taken care of. For general firm inquiries and questions, feel free to call Julie!