Fremont Latimer, PLA

Originally from Chicago, Fremont moved to North Florida in 2004. He instantly fell in love with the area’s sun, culture, and landscapes. Fremont contributes a wealth of practical experience in the green sector. An in-depth knowledge of arboriculture, horticulture, and landscape management enables Fremont to design landscapes that are as functional as they are beautiful. A love of plants keeps him at the forefront of planting design, resulting in unique and sustainable solutions that separate his work from the herd. As a student of the classics and history, Fremont brings a historic sensitivity and context to every project. He has experience designing for a wide variety of projects, such as commercial office parks, CDDs and HOAs, public streetscapes, golf courses, historic cemeteries, and residential spaces.

Marquis Latimer + Halback, Inc. | 34 Cordova Street, Suite A, St. Augustine, Florida 32084 | 904.825.6747